Saint Mark's Episcopal Church - Raymond, Mississippi

Welcome to St Mark’s Episcopal Church!

At St. Marks, we celebrate the Holy Eucharist Sunday mornings at 9am. In the absence of a priest, we have Morning Prayer.

We periodically offer evening concerts or lectures. Please watch our Facebook page for details.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is located at 205 West Main St., in the heart of historic Raymond, Mississippi.

Our History

St. Mark’s Episcopal, the oldest church structure in the town of Raymond, Mississippi, was organized as a congregation in 1837. However, the church was not built until 1854. The National Register of Historic Places makes reference to St. Mark’s … “The church dates from the same time as most of the antebellum homes in town. The church utilizes both Greek and Gothic revival motifs. ” During the Civil War the church suffered a great deal of damage while being used as a hospital for Union soldiers. In 1866 Bishop Green stated … “the church was robbed of its benches during the time it was used as a hospital.” Blood stains are still visible on the old pine floors.

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